Bring Back The 60’s

Bring Back The 60's

I LOVE lava lamps. I have been searching online and found this Lava Lamp Classic Lava Lamp, 14.5-inch, Purple/ Yellow for £14.99. This is on my christmas list


Save Money On Nappies

Save Money On Nappies

As we all know, nappies are expensive. I fully support the ladies who use the cloth nappies, but I am being honest here. I have 3 children, my own business and I do not have the time (or the energy) for cloth nappies. So I am always on the search for cheaper nappies.

I have found these Pampers Baby Dry Nappies, Size 4 (Total 174 Nappies) on Amazon for £20.02 (instead of £30.00)

Gro Anywhere Blind – Review

Now the lighter nights (and mornings) are coming in there are no more lie-ins for Mum and Dad!!! As soon as the sun is up…so are your little cherubs.

I bought the Gro Anywhere Blind last year. It was summer, I was living on a really busy street and my little man thought anywhere from 5.00am was an acceptable time to wake up.

Bring in this little gem. I usually have trouble with the window sucker things. They stay on for about 0.2 seconds before sliding off, however these little suckers (literally) are strong. You can shimmy it about to fit any size window (unless Bay of course) and it was a GODSEND!!

I would advise any Mum or Dad to invest in one of these. Here is the link

The Gro Company Gro Anywhere Blackout Blind

Parents Claim SMA Milk is “Poisoning” Children

Parents Claim SMA Milk is “Poisoning” Children

Parents claim that the new formula to Nestle’s SMA is poisoning children

Nestle changed their formula back in January. But things seem to have gone wrong and there is now a petition to BAN the new formula.

A U.K mum who had fed her daughter SMA Gold from birth had never had a problem until a few weeks back when he baby daughter became ill. Two days after using the new formula

The little girls mum claims the tot became “limp, lifeless and had a temperature of 40c. Apparently she was swelling, had vomiting and diarrhoea and would scream in pain when she ate. That would be scary for any parent.

Following a trip to the GP and tests for viruses came back negative she was asked if anything had changed in the baby’s diet.  The clever mum did her research and realised that the SMA formula had changed without any warning

The GP informed her to stop giving the little girl the milk immediately as it was “poisoning” her system.

Luckily the pretty little baby is making a full recovery, but since this came out many other mothers have came forward saying their babies have been ill since the new formula came out also.

A spokesman for Nestle stated that they will not be recalling the formula. That the product is safe to use and many, many babies have made the adjustment with no problems whatsoever. They also explained that they had pre warned people of the changes in The Baby Club emails and newsletters and there is a leaflet under the lid of the new pack explaining the changes.

If parents have any concerns they should contact the Nestle Careline on 0800 081 8180

Wipe Your Bum Cheaper

Andrex Toilet Tissues

45 Rolls for £16.88. Free orders on delivery over £20 in the uk so grab yourself another bargain along with these if I were you to take advantage of free delivery.