Gro Anywhere Blind – Review

Now the lighter nights (and mornings) are coming in there are no more lie-ins for Mum and Dad!!! As soon as the sun is up…so are your little cherubs.

I bought the Gro Anywhere Blind last year. It was summer, I was living on a really busy street and my little man thought anywhere from 5.00am was an acceptable time to wake up.

Bring in this little gem. I usually have trouble with the window sucker things. They stay on for about 0.2 seconds before sliding off, however these little suckers (literally) are strong. You can shimmy it about to fit any size window (unless Bay of course) and it was a GODSEND!!

I would advise any Mum or Dad to invest in one of these. Here is the link

The Gro Company Gro Anywhere Blackout Blind

Even Cheaper Than Before

If you remember my post on Facebook about Superdrug selling Real Techniques Brushes at 20% off. I have now found them cheaper on Amazon at £13.80!!! These are brilliant makeup brushes in fact the only ones I will use

Guess The Price???

Guess The Price???

Can you guess how much these beauts are?? £20.00? £30.00?……Nope. £5.00 at Everything 5 Pounds. Love the shoes here!!