Ever Been Refused A Credit Card Or Catalogue? Read On

​Have you ever been turned down for a credit card or catalogue for poor credit ratings? Ever thought to yourself How? I have never had a credit car or have only ever had one catalogue? Ever wanted to see how the powers that be determine whether they accept you? Your credit report?

Well now you can…..and save yourself £10-£20 that the equity companies charge for you to get a copy.

A company called CLEARSCORE.COM offer you this service for free. I joined up, answered a few questions and they seem to know more about me than I do! It is great to know exactly what they see.

If you want to see your own follow the link…


Free Credit Scores | Credit Reports | Free Credit Check UK

Get a free credit check today and get your credit score with a credit report. Free Credit Scores and Credit Reports from ClearScore UK.

Are You Paying For This IPHONE feature??

Are You Paying For This IPHONE feature??

​It has been all over the news. I checked my Iphone and had this feature turned on!!

Have you downloaded the IOS9? If you have then you could be getting charged for this extra feature or it could be eating your data. The feature is supposed to automatically change your phone to 4G if you lose wifi BUT you are being charged for the privilege.

To switch this OFF

Go to Settings>Mobile Data (or Cellular Data if in the us)

Scroll right down to the bottom to Wi-Fi Assist

Switch it off

Hopefully that will be the end to it.