Do You Know What You Are Being Charged For HD?? Make Sure you Query this to save £££

​Do you have any idea what SKY charge for HD? Well I can tell you….


£11.25 for a clearer picture. However if you have the MOVIES package, from the 1st June this should be provided free.

My mother received the letter to say her SKY letter stating hers was about to go up by £3.75 a month. Mum has the same package as me yet has the movies. Her bill was totalling, with the new charges, £62.00. Ridiculous right when I have just managed to cut my bill down to less than £30.00 a month. So I advised her to ring.

Not only did she get the HD slashed away as it will be free from June (saving her 3 months at £11.25) she was also told of a 35%  off offer which included her signing another year contract (which she was fine with) and getting her bill down to £32.50 Per Month!

One phonecall and her bill has been more or less halved.

Please make sure you check your account and find out what offers are eligible to you.


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