Venue Owner Lashes Out At Bride To Be

​A lot of people may have seen the viral post wit the hashtag #boycottbalgonie after a bride to be posted in a bridal page in Scotland.

The Bride simply asked a question as she felt being charged full price for children, along with some other queries, were a bit overpriced. She did not mention the venue anywhere but was merely asking advice. See the picture below.

​A few helpful brides and brides to be offered advice, then the owner of the venue commented and it turned slightly chaotic.

A few ladies jumped in to defend the bride to be after the venue owner threatened top take the post to her solicitor. However the bride to be had mentioned nothing of where the venue was and the venue owner proceeded to spill the contents of their mutual contract on the social media page.

​Followed by a statement on the venue’s page.

​ I know what it is like to have a post go viral and we are all human and have a bad day. But do you think this lady was in the wrong? To have her private contract put on social media must be under the Data Protection Act (as someone on the thread pointed out). Does she deserve to have her venue boycotted? What are your thoughts? The venue owner has made a post on her own timeline stating she will be closing the wedding part of the business down, so this must have affected her. But you can’t help but feel a bit sorry for the bride to be, how awkward will it be if she goes ahead with the wedding at the venue as she has paid her deposit……


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