SKY Prices About To Rise!!!! Read To Find Out More.

​Well it looks like it is about to happen again. So Here is the info….

SKY have announced that they will be increasing their prices by (upto) £3 a month to certain customers. This may not sound much but still works out at approx £36 a year! Some could be charged more depending on the package.

The good news is that those with movies in  HD packages should see their prices fall at HD movies will now be classed in the standard package (without sports)

Customers that are about to be hit with the hike will recieve letters between March 21st and April 29th and the price rise will take effect on 1st June 2016

What Can You Do?

Terminate. If you have been a SKY customer for over the usual 12 month contract you can call and cancel without a penalty fee. If you are still within your 12 month contract be advised you may be charged

Haggle. Remember to be nice. If you phone SKY kicking off it will not get you very far. Threaten to leave, or say you are considering leaving due to the increase in price and ask if there is any way you can reduce your package. Contrary to popular belief SKY do value their customers (without you they would not have a business) and with the threat of android boxes etc they need your custom and will usually come to some kind of mutual agreement for both parties.

Pay by Direct Debit through your BANK not CARD. If you have to bite the bullet and pay the extra then ask for cheaper ways to pay your bill. Paying through your bank instad of your card saves you 50p per transaction. Also ask if e-billing instead of paper billing saves you any money.

Here is a table of what the changes are to be

Product    New price/month   Increase/month

Original            £22.50           £1-£2.50/month rise (depends on the current price paid)

Variety              £32               £2

Family              £38               £2

Sky Q               £44               £2

Sky Q Silver     £56               £2

Movies+           £18               £1

Sports+           £27.50           £2

Top Tier

(Sky sports

and Movies)  £36                 £1.50

Sports HD

pack              £6                   75p

Multiscreen  £12                  75p


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