My Bargains Today

My Bargains Today

My eldest, Mia, is out of hospital after having her tonsils out and was resting well so I decided to take Tatun for a wander around the shops.

Brilliant bargains on in **BOOTS** at the moment. Here are a couple I picked up.

KATY PERRY gift set. Was £23.50, reduced to £7.05!! A massive saving of £16.45 (Sorry about the crap quality picture)

​Next was **VERSACE** for women perfume. I love the smell of this perfume so was pretty chuffed that it was on offer From £41.00 to £15.99. A saving of £25.01

​After buying a couple of other bits my total was £39.61 (as receipt shows) however my saving was £45.14!! So I actually saved more than I spent. I have to return an item (errrmmm some protection by the company Durex) as they were on offer for £2.00 but I was actually charged £4.99. I have no qualms in returning and asking for a refund. But it got better!! I also needed to buy some nappies and there was an offer of 2 packs for £12. I had 1946 points on my card so got the nappies with my points. Another saving of £12. A good morning all in all



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