If Only I’d Have Known This 15 Years Ago

If Only I'd Have Known This 15 Years Ago

​Scrolling through the internet I found a fabulous idea for couples. An opportunity to make money, live for free and many of them pay a wage also!!

Doesn’t this sound ideal. I so wish I had known about these opportunities 15 years ago, I would have grabbed my (then) boyfriend and travelled the world. But now I am settled with kids, a business and all the responsibilities that go with it I shall share the wisdom instead.

There is a website called **workingcouples.com** that advertise for couples, butlers, housekeepers, nannies, petsitters etc all around the world to look after their homes, holiday lets, mansions(!!) etc all around the world! In return you get FREEaccommodation, usually a nearby or on the grounds and many of them offer you a wage also.

How fantastic to be able to work alongside the one you love, in countries such as America, Australia, Europe and the uk(workingcouples.co.uk for uk) with the person that you love, saving money for your own house etc with the free accommodation and possibly earning a wage. I love this idea. I hope someone reads this and thinks yes I could do this! I would love to hear the stories.



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