How to make £££ on Etsy

​I am the first to admit I am not very crafty. I can cross stitch and that is about it. But I have read of many people earning hundreds of pounds on sites such as Etsy? How?? Simple

What they are doing is scouring their local charity shops and car boot sales for craft supplies. Complete cross stitch kits are a good one. They are so expensive to buy that you can sell them for a fraction of the price on sites like this and still make a profit.

Say a brand new kit is RRP £15. You pick it up at your local charity shop for £2. You sell it on for £10. Everyone is a winner. The buyer is saving, you are earning. So next time you are out and about keep your eyes peeled.

My Bargains Today


My Bargains Today

My eldest, Mia, is out of hospital after having her tonsils out and was resting well so I decided to take Tatun for a wander around the shops.

Brilliant bargains on in **BOOTS** at the moment. Here are a couple I picked up.

KATY PERRY gift set. Was £23.50, reduced to £7.05!! A massive saving of £16.45 (Sorry about the crap quality picture)

​Next was **VERSACE** for women perfume. I love the smell of this perfume so was pretty chuffed that it was on offer From £41.00 to £15.99. A saving of £25.01

​After buying a couple of other bits my total was £39.61 (as receipt shows) however my saving was £45.14!! So I actually saved more than I spent. I have to return an item (errrmmm some protection by the company Durex) as they were on offer for £2.00 but I was actually charged £4.99. I have no qualms…

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Today’s Deals

Today's Deals.

​I have been so busy today and barely had time to filter through my emails. I am lucky that a lot of companies email me with their deals and discounts to share with you all. Some of the best today are…

**MANDM DIRECT** have a sale with up to 80% off Adidas.

**PHOTOBOX** Have some code deals on SPEND30 gets you 30% off £30. SPEND40 gets 40% off £40. SPEND50 gets you 50% of £60

**GET THE LABEL** have £1.99 delivery with code ONE99

**BARE MINERALS** 3 deluxe samples with an £40+ spend with the code BUNNY

Offers On Your Prints


​Everyone knows I am a huuuge fan of *PhotoBox​*. Not only do they have great offers on at all times. I love the fact they have an online chat so if you have a problem you can sort it with them straight away. I ordered a canvas not long ago and the quality was not up to scratch.

I messaged them instantly and the lady was so lovely, refunded me the price in lieu of a different canvas. I ended up buying two smaller ones for better quality and was able to take advantage of the 30% discount at the time so basically got my money’s worth and added extras for free.

Cheap Server Host?

​In a world of technology we are always looking for the best deal on server hosts. To keep our websites safe. I have looked into Poundhost and found their prices really reasonable. They started out by offering web hosting at £1 per megabyte!! They are cost effective, with 24/7 support and efficient. If you are looking for a host or server these are the people you need to contact