So That Happened

Today I killed a spider. Big fucker as well. With my daughter’s shoe who is petrified of spiders so she didn’t want to wear it. Today I have smoked about 15 fags. Today my boyfriend has had a relapse in his breakdown. Today I seen a magpie and knew it was going to be a shitty day. Today I hired a joiner after the door of my holiday cottage fell apart and I hired a cowboy to fit a new door, he bodged the job completely, took the door off, put the old broken door back on, refunded me and left. After I screamed at him.

I have just sent my three children up to bed. My youngest, whose just turned one, decided it would be fun to hit mummy with a plastic bowl repeatedly whilst I set up this blog. My middle child, who is 8 kept sneaking chocolates out of the roses tin thinking I was unaware and my eldest, at 13 was too lost in her iphone to know the world was still turning. Today has been a hard day. Today its been hard to smile and I am a very smiley person usually.

Just read this back. What a miserable bitch I was yesterday. 

Lesson 1. When life falls apart. Start a blog.