Nice To Meet You

Guess I better introduce myself.

I am 35, I have 3 kids. I have the most craziest fucked up life that I am positive we should have hidden camera’s to capture some of the amazing highs and terrible lows. I’m not a beauty, not a “looker” but not a beast either. I am slightly OCD…(ok more than slightly!) and I have recently moved to the middle of nowhere, away from all my family and friends, uprooted my kids to new schools, so we can all live in this big house in the country with an adjoining holiday cottage, to make a go of turning it into a business.

5 bad things about me

I smoke too much

I swear too much

I worry to much

I am a bit of a know-it-all when in reality most of the time i’m just winging it – I actually know fuck all

I am obsessive. Whether is be cleaning, saving money, the way I look. Whatever it is I become obsessed with it.

5 Good things about me

I am fiercely loyal

I have a good sense of humour

I am strong minded

…….. I will have to think of another 2…..

so the kids are in their new schools. My middle child has so far nearly knocked herself out by falling off something at school, ripped her new school skirt and came out on friday with her neatly plaited hair all undone and two whopping big plasters on her knees. Another fall and a freak accident with a pen stuck in her plait which meant she had to undo all of my mornings work!

My eldest’s first day, after days of planning bus routes, walking the walk to school with her so she could get her bearings and know her way, Realising that being in the country NO buses go past that will get her to school in time. Using the power of facebook to meet a lovely woman who has offered to give her a lift every morning FREE OF CHARGE and being accused by some man of basically being a crap mum by looking for a car share for her. As I explained to him I am not chucking a toddler in some stranger’s car, she is 13, going into year 9 and is the most mature 13 year old I have ever met…. consisted of  after her getting her lift, meeting a girl and walking to a COMPLETELY different secondary school! After a garbled, breathless phone call from a very stressed teenager, I managed to calm her down and guide her by phone in the right direction. What a start to the new term.

So this will be the beginning of our Journey. Our new adventure. Lets see what happens….

Lesson 2. Expect the unexpected.


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